Large Scale Projection


Light projection campaigns, particularly on a large scale, driven by 3D-Mapping, digital media, and creative imagination allows delivery of creative visual content and information to multiple locations in high-traffic urban areas, spurring consumer interest in an advertiser's brand or cause.

Architecture & 3D Mapping

Projection mapping light around objects, whether these are buildings or other 3d objects, including stage and set design. By using objects as display surfaces for video, animation or images, projection mapping delivers creative outcomes.

New Media


Visual experiences and new media are deeply embedded in generative work. Working collaboratively with partners, public institutions, museums and galleries, the aim is to add to our rich culture and deliver visual moments that capture and inspire.


Each event, each venue, each architectural space have differing possibilities for visual content. Meticulous amounts of planning down to the very last detail is needed in order to create and deliver projection mapped content at live events so that clients needs are met and delivered above expectation.